SWOT Analysis on Uber

Neeta R

Uber was established by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick in 2009. Initially, Uber was recognized by the name UberCab: an innovative organization radiantly connecting the transportation industry with technology via its ride-sharing app. In the year 2011, UberCab was renamed as Uber which means ‘super’. In 2012, Uber came with […]

Hyderabadi Food Culture

Maryam Fatima

Hyderabadi cuisine has different recipes for different events, and hence is categorized accordingly, from banquet food, for weddings and parties, festival foods, and travel foods. Hyderabad is a city steeped in history, yet it is one that has embraced modernity with ease.    For any Deccan, cuisine is an integral […]

World’s Top Automobiles Company:-

Vijay Patel

   All people prefer to buy quality things with comfortable. Big conservators are also making progress continuously keeping in mind the needs of the people. Automobiles companies also work properly that people like to buy their car motor because people decide the quality of the car by looking at its […]

Courage: Courage is victory

Vijay Patel

In short:- Through a story, we will try to show you the similarity of courage and victory. In this story, how does an innocent, impatient little boy survive? he moves forward-facing problems.   Story:- One day a small boy decides to go to the forest with his friends. They move […]

World’s Top 15 Best Places To Visit

Vijay Patel

    There are many places in the world full of natural beauty, where people like to take vacations and go there for peace of mind and many of these are such places which are also known as the city of dreams or the place of dreams.  It simply means […]

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