World’s Top 15 Best Places To Visit

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There are many places in the world full of natural beauty, where people like to take vacations and go there for peace of mind and many of these are such places which are also known as the city of dreams or the place of dreams.  It simply means that a place full of natural beauty, which is only in selected places in the world, some of these places are such that man-made beautiful. 


Today we will tell you the names of the top 15 places in the world and will also give information about their speciality. You should visit these places once in your life.

Place’s Name  Rank in the world.
Paris #1st Rank
South Island/New Zealand #2nd Rank
Rome #3rd Rank
Tahiti #4th Rank
London #5th Rank
Maui #6th Rank
Bora bora #7th Rank
Phuket #8th Rank
Grand canyon #9th Rank
Yosemite #10th Rank
Barcelona #11th Rank
New York #12th Rank
Dubai #13th Rank
Machu Picchu #14th Rank
Sydney।                                                            #15th Rank


#1 Paris:-

It is also known as the city of lights.  Every year lakhs of visitors come to visit here and this place attracts them a lot.  There are many credits collected here from food and vast arts.  It is a city situated on the banks of the river, which is surrounded by interesting objects art that has been in place for centuries.


#2 South Island/ New Zealand:-

It has a majestic landscape at every turn, surrounded by dramatic mountains.  There is a thrilling park here.  From here you can see the starry sky in Mount John Observatory.  It is mainly famous for delicious food and a beautiful place.


#3 Rome:-

Tourist places are very much liked around here and it is surrounded by beauty from all around.  There is a huge amount of tourists and you can enjoy the sightseeing here, avoiding those crowds.  Along with this, you can also enjoy some of the main dishes here.


#4 Tahiti:-

 If you like to roam in the magnificent underwater bungalow then this place is going to be very fantastic for you.  Because the journey of this island is surrounded by gorgeous water, with black sand beaches and open skies.  The experience of paradise can be obtained here and many people come to visit here for a holiday.


,#5 London:- 

London is a beautiful world in itself, in which you can easily stop yourself for many days.  Because it attracts you a lot.  The best time to visit this place is during summertime.


#6 Maui:- 

Enjoying the seaside, the sea creatures visit the national park located here along with the animals and tropical nature.


#7 Bora bora:- 

This place is famous for its spectacular resort with lush green natural beauty.


#8 Phuket:- 

Stunning scenery, covered with limestone rocks and white sand.  It looks quite beautiful.


#9 Grand Canyon:- 

It is famous for trenches, national parks and water rafting excursions, from where you can see the dramatic landscape from above by helicopter in a calm state.


#10 Yosemite:- 

Every year millions of tourists travel here to natural wonders, National Park.


#11 Barcelona:- 

It is a feast city for the eyes

Visitors here enjoy this place by going through the architecture.


#12 New York:-

There are many places to visit in this city, where you can take advantage of such a thrilling place.  Wander from Center Park in New York City to enjoy Broadway shows and stylish boutiques.


#13 Dubai:- 

The heart-touching historical sites and activities are found in Dubai.  The eastern city is full of surrounds and includes the main name of Burj Khalifa.


#14 Machu Picchu:- 

The effect of this place is worth changing lives.  Its beauty can be enjoyed from huge heights and many travellers like to reach there during sunrise.


#15 Sydney:-

It is a kind of hot climate place. The main benefit is taken during the events of its seasonal festivals.  Many seasonal festivals are celebrated and there are also world-famous beaches on which visitors relax.

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