Be Better than Before

Neeta R

Life is a journey and everyone is living it as per its understanding. Everyone is dreamt of achieving success by following some shortcut paths but there is no shortcut to success. The only Mantra is to switch from the routine path and accept the change, to be better than before. […]

Willpower: A True Self-Control

Neeta R

Willpower is the inner strength which acts as a driving force for our survival. This 4 words statement is the actual crux of willpower, “If I can and I will”. It’s the power of will to complete one’s wishes. It is a magical force in the path of change. These […]

Top 6 Productivity Tips To Help You Efficiently Work from Home During Corona virus Pandemic

Dr. Rati Parwani

With the expanded concerns and dread over COVID-19, governments have requested residents to self-isolate themselves. The current unforeseen circumstance has definitely affected the income and deals of the organizations. Remote working has become an impulse for the representatives. In any case, telecommuting accompanies a considerable amount of advantages and burdens, […]

Forming Relationship with Families

Neeta R

Family is the word derived from the Latin word – Familia whose meaning is a union of a group of persons those are mostly sharing a common residence and are united by the bond of marriage, blood, or adoption. Every human dream of having a great family. Great family means having strong […]

Courage: Courage is victory

Vijay Patel

In short:- Through a story, we will try to show you the similarity of courage and victory. In this story, how does an innocent, impatient little boy survive? he moves forward-facing problems.   Story:- One day a small boy decides to go to the forest with his friends. They move […]

Virtual Living in Covid-19

Neeta R

Covid-19 pandemic time affected us to a great extent. This life-threatening disease locked us in our homes. We all are living a virtual life in real-time. Today while reading a newspaper, one headline attracted me, “Living virtual life in real-time, courtesy corona”. Under this title, the author has explained beautifully […]


Neeta R

The meaning of Happiness is a state of mind about “how satisfied we are with our lives”. How good we are feeling daily. The life that goes well for the person leading it comes under happiness. Happiness has a great impact on the level of life we are living in. […]

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