Emergency Medicines for Travelers

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Love to travel but caught up in a situation of motion sickness or cold cough and flu? Need to take medicines handy. Here is what we can advise you that will be helpful to you in the long run and keep your illness at bay. Everybody needs to take care of health and look after themselves and carry some medicines handy which are essential to be taken care of.

What if you are caught in an emergency and need some extra medicines? Ah, the most common and arguable and most uncomfortable sickness to get when you travel is caused by contaminated food and drink is travellers’ diarrhoea that can happen anywhere so it is important to being anti-diarrhoeal medications to the rescue no matter the destination or type of trip.

The last thing anyone wants to do on vacation is to walk around with stomachache or heartburn especially with all new food and drink you want to try.

Carry antacids on the trip and you won’t overindulge in different foods.

You can never be sure about the allergies that creep in while travelling especially if you are headed to another climate. Combat its symptoms like an itchy nose and stuffy nose and sneezing by carrying this antihistaminic.

Nothing can ruin your travels quite like motion sickness on plane train bus or cruise. Instead of confining yourself to a trip of nausea and dizziness bring medicine like a champ.

You are at increased risk of getting sick while travelling can bring temporary relief to sore throat and silence your cough so that you don’t annoy fellow travellers.

Nobody likes travelling while congested. Whether its cold or allergies, these over the counter medicines can relieve congestion and clear the head. Just make sure you pick a non-drowsy kind when you are taking this for a day.

Instead of lying down on the bed throughout the day take pain and fever medication so you can focus on being a tourist. These over the common medications can help with the common travel ailments such as achy feet or jet lag induced headaches.

Maybe you are staying in a noisy place or you are so jet-lagged that you can’t sleep. Either way, sleep aids will make sure that you are refreshed and ready for a day of travel.

Types of medicines to carry while travelling:thehyra.com_travel_tips

  • Anti diarrhoea medicines
  • Antacid
  • Antihistaminic
  • Motion sickness
  • Cough drops
  • De congestant
  • Painkillers
  • Fever medicine
  • Mild laxative
  • Acidity medicines
  • Mild sedative or sleep aid
  • Medicines for cold
  • Medicine for cough

Motion sickness :

If you are travelling by car, plane or boat makes you queasy there is good news Not only you can take steps to stop motion sickness before it starts you may able to conquer for good.

Why some people get motion sickness and others don’t is understood. Researchers believe that it is caused by the incongruence of the body’s sensory organs. For example on a slow-moving cruise ship, your eyes may tell your brain that you are not moving at all but your inner ear and sensory system which control the balance may tell you you are moving. The mismatch confuses the brain and causes a variety of symptoms likethehyra.com_traveller

  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Salivation
  • Sweating
  • Belching
  • Acidity
  • Vomiting
  • Hyperventilation
  • An acute awareness of stomach

You can certainly take medications for relieving the symptoms of motion sickness but here are some quick techniques which can help you manage the problem of motion sickness.

Taking control of the situation:

Not being on the driver’s seat can contribute to motion sickness when you are travelling by car. The driver of the car is lee prone to motion sickness then passengers seat because the driver’s brain can use the motor commands to control the car and can predict the motion. Putting yourself behind the wheel will keep the queasiness away from the brain. If you must ride as a passenger try sitting in front of the seat and looking at the horizon which confers the state of greater control then riding at the back. If you get stuck at the back try a conversation which will engage you and try to alleviate the symptoms. Open the source of fresh air id possible and avoid reading. However, if you in hill station then try reading and sitting at one place in a cosy manner may help you.

  • Curb your consumption:

Watch what you eat. I know you are away on holiday and want to try every new dish but take care of alcohol before and after travel. Avoid smoking and alcohol that keep you heavy or almost unfit and don’t agree with you. Foods with heavy spices and odour and fat-rich food can make you feel nauseated and vomiting by making you feel food

  • Be positive:

Carry a positive attitude that you are not going to get sick this time either motion sickness or car sickness. a verbal placebo helps in preventing car sickness and motion sickness. Using affirmative self-talk can help you in the long run with a positive frame of mind which is certainly helpful.

  • Pre-treat with ginger:

Some studies show that ginger is full of antioxidants and keep you away from any cold and cough when you are travelling to the hill station. take ginger 1 teaspoon before travelling which will certainly help with motion sickness as well. It should be taken 30 mins before travelling. If you are on the prescription of blood thinners. Ask your doctor before consuming the ginger.

  • Acupressure can help:

Get in touch with your pressure points. It is worth a try even if its a placebo effect. As mentioned earlier being positive can help you to get through a trip without causing any problem at the hill station or motion sickness.

  • When all else fails to medicate:

If you get any motion sickness or sick at the hill station go ahead and self medicate your self. These are more effective 30 – 60 mins when you are sure that you age going to fall sick. If you are a healthy adult who needs to take care, consult a physician who will give you the best possible advice, Keeping your self healthy if medications are required needs to be taken care of.

Carry your medications listed above when you are going to the hill station to take care of cold and cough and motion sickness. Also if you tend to eat heavy foods carry an antacid when you tend to overeat.

Remember, people don’t take trips but trips takes the people. So, stay healthy when you are travelling at a hill station.

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